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Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S)

Scheduled Oil Sampling, or S•O•S for short, is a  service allowing you to see what is going on inside your machine and detect problems before they become serious.

For Caterpillar customers, this offers a major benefit compared to outsourcing from other external suppliers. Our specialists know exactly what metallurgical specifications were designed into each part and component.


oil labPhu Thai Cat in cooperation with William Adams  proud to present to the customer  our first class S·O·S℠ Laboratory.

The lab is located at the Clayton Customer Solutions Centre and forms part of the Caterpillar enterprise which provides the largest in-service lubricant analysis program in the world.

Our laboratory services are available to all industries and customers that require analysis of lubrication fluids, coolants, diesel fuel, grease and any other specialised analysis.

Fluid analysis forms a key part of our Solutions that monitor equipment health, however it is also a service that we offer as a standalone to many industries that require fluid analysis.


  • Testing and Analysis
  • Access to our expert analysts to discuss results and seek advice
  • Comprehensive analysis reports
  • Online access to all your sampling history
  • And more!




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